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TG Group - Employee Benefit Contacts

Step 1: Contact Customer Service (listed below) for all questions including claims resolution.

Step 2: After following Step 1 and you still have unresolved issues, then contact your HR Benefits Rep.

(To save time, bring all paperwork with you, including notes and dates from your calls to Customer Service.)

TG Group Benefit Carrier ID Information Website Phone Number
 Online Enrollment Mercer   Last 4 digits of your Social Security number
and your birthdate.
Benefit Handbook and Other Plan Documentation Mercer  Last 4 digits of your Social Security number
and your birthdate.
Enrollment ID 85613
Renee Jannin, TGHR (573)547-1041 Ext 5332
Medical   Blue Cross Blue Shield  BCBS Card 1-866-869-5383
 Vision Blue Cross Blue Shield/VPS  BCBS Card  1-800-877-7195
 Dental  Delta Dental  Delta Dental Card 1-800-524-0149
 Prescription Drugs
(Retail pharmacy & mail order) 
ExpressScript- Prescriptions  TG Prescription ID Card 1-866-544-9698
Prescription Drugs   Prescription Plus Pharmacy (573)547-4960
 Hospital Indemnity, Accident
and Critical Illness
 TransAmerica  Group # G000025604  1-888-763-7474
 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)  ADP FSA Card    1-800-654-6695
401k Retirement Savings   Goldman Sachs  PIN Number + Employee SS #
iPayStatements  ADP   Registration Pass:
+ Employee SS # 
401(k) Investment Advice  1-800-242-6182
Cigna LTD/STD claims
Cigna Vol Life EE/Spouse/Child 
      TGHR (573)547-1041 Ext 5332
Jackson Office (573)334-7667
Health Savings Account
Health Equity 
1-866-346-5800 or email
Or 1-866-869-5383 Press 0, 8
Leave of Absence Forms        Renee Jannin, TGHR
(573)547-1041 Ext 5332