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TG University – A Center of Excellence

TG Headquarters has identified TG University (TGU) as a Center of Excellence for its North American companies. Since its inception in October 2013, TGU has made tremendous strides in developing programs for TG Missouri and other TG locations in North America, with a goal of expanding globally. Each program supports the Company’s initiative to identify and enhance the unique talents of its employees by providing opportunities for growth and advancement within the Company. The success of each program, growth of each individual, and impact on production is continuously monitored using quantifiable data. Furthermore, TGU is building symbiotic partnerships with the Perryville Career Center, Ranken Technical College, and Southeast Missouri State University to fill a growing need for technical skills in the community.

The TG University Team

Building successful programs requires the collaboration of many people. TGU’s role is to make visions a reality by developing research-based, data-driven programs that get results. The TG University team, Angie Prost, Corey Brooks and Jennifer Lauck, all hold a master’s degree in education, which is essential to the success of these programs. The team uses modern teaching strategies and real-world experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. They take learning out on the floor, immersing students in real-world experiences. The combination of these experiences and classroom instruction have the strongest impact on an employee’s success in their workplace and throughout the Company.

Core Training

In Core Training, employees acquire enhanced lean manufacturing knowledge and skills in the TPS way, 5S standards and safety. Here they delve into engaging activities with a combination of classroom instruction and on-site, hands-on application. Each activity provides participants with opportunities to implement Kaizens.

Partnership – Ranken Technical College

Employees have a unique opportunity to acquire technical degree/certification on the TGMO campus. Ranken Technical College’s on-site facility provides theory and hands-on practice in a lab setting where employees are introduced to concepts through online multimedia training modules. They then practice these concepts on shop simulators to gain hands-on experience. Highly skilled instructors assist participants throughout the program and facilitate hands-on training. Classroom and lab experiences are followed by TGMO internships that put participants on the production floor, in their real-world working environments.

Supervisor Certification Program

TG University’s Supervisor Certification Program (SCP) is a standardized, 4-week program consisting of theory (knowledge) and application (hands-on), designed specifically for TG Supervisors and Leader Techs. The Program combines classroom instruction, collaboration activities, on-site experiences with subject matter experts, and project-based applications. Participants develop a much deeper understanding of TG’s core concepts in TPS, safety, quality, and problem solving, as well as leadership, goal setting, and TWI methods in Job Instruction and Job Relations. Projects challenge participants to apply learned skills and look for improvement opportunities. Mentors provide participants with constructive feedback on projects, goals, and sustainability. The program concludes with a formal presentation by each participant, explaining their projects, the impact of their improvements and plans for sustainability.

The SCP is acquiring college accreditation by Southeast Missouri State University, thus providing participants with their first certification toward a Bachelor’s Degree. To add, SCP materials, designed and developed by the TGU team, have been sent to press for publication.